‘Transition’ a word that keeps coming to mind and today being the last day of the year I reflect on the shifting’s and changes that I personally experienced this year and how those changes have brought about growth and newer challenge. Not to say these transitions were fun as I went through them, sometimes they came with unending tears and having no other hope but clinging to God and other times, making me appreciate the lessons in the change.

I believe transitioning occurs both spiritually and physically to bring about growth in one’s journey and experience, and a total dependability on God.

Transitioning could come in several forms such as; relocating to a new environment as such, saying goodbyes to friends or families; getting a new job, a new car, having a baby, getting married or starting new relationships- now you get the picture. These requires a lot of shifting and considering I have experienced so much transition in this year, I can boldly tell you transition doesn’t always feel good as I felt comfortable in my previous position and didn’t feel the need to reposition but growing up, my dad made me understand that for things to change, I first have to change. In essence, I have to, change my mind-set and attitude and not clinging to the old or usual occurrence, I must condition my mind to accept the new change in order for me to enjoy or see the blessing in it.

As you journey into 2019, I ‘NEED’ you to understand you most likely will experience changes- which could hit you over your head (in form of a surprise) or one you are prepared for. Whatever the case, do not settle for less, appreciate the change and as overwhelming as transitioning might be, do understand it is not the end of you, it is only shifting you to a position where you become stronger and wiser (I talk from experience) and in a better position to be of help and be closer to God.

As you transition in 2019, you might feel God is far away and no longer hears your prayer, you might even think he is so slow in responding to your needs but those are moments I want you to remember that he sticks closer than a brother  and is a very present help in times of trouble or uncertainties. In that moment, he is depending on you to trust solely on him- please do this no matter how excruciating the pain might feel. He will bring you out.

Happy New Year and have a wonderful 2019.



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