I probably shouldn’t write about this right? But I thought since I am working on being intentional and wanting to share my highlights with you, I might as well.

This is my view of one of my favourite restaurants and I will tell you why.

The highlight for me is going in for not just a bite of their peri-peri grilled chicken but also drizzle the peri tamer (kids) sauce on virtually every order I make in the restaurant. By now you know I am referring to Nandos.

Here are my top 3 reasons for referring to it as one of my favourite dining locations:

  • I like the synergy I get when I come into the restaurant. I usually love a private space when I go to restaurants but with Nando’s, I feel like I already belong there- the sound of music brings everything together for me.
  • Atmosphere: following up from the top list, Nando’s have this feel of Africanness to it. Aside the music that draws you in, the ambience of the place reminds me of the beauty of Africa and so many memories of my grand mother’s kitchen in terms of the wooden artefacts and flowers that form the ornamentals of the place.
  • Another interesting thing I like about Nando’s is their loyalty card. I believe this draws customers to them. I like that they reward their customers with this loyalty card and also share a secret recipe with them. For example, I enjoy going to have their peri tamer alongside the extra hot spice even though peri tamer is listed in the kid’s menu. You should try it.
  • Lastly and I believe is the most important- the Chicken. One time I asked a question on my Instagram story asking my followers to guess where I was. One of the responses that caught my attention was this: “I see Chicken and you are Nigerian = Nando’s”. As funny as it sounds, it is a reminder to me that Nando’s chicken is awesome. The Extra hot peri-peri sauce constantly drives me to the nearest restaurant. I remember during my undergraduate days, I craved so much for a Nando’s chicken I didn’t know when I found myself in the restaurant ordering a takeaway. That’s how much I love their chicken and partly because they do not undermine their quality and service considering how long they have been running for.

  That’s it – my top reasons for ticking Nando’s amongst my top dining location.

What is your favourite dining location?

Now get your favourite drink with you as you are about to read one interesting story you hardly hear me talk about.

For some who aren’t aware, I was born in Nigeria. Back in the days, we had this child star make waves in the entertainment industry in Nigeria with her hit song ‘Osemudiamen” pronounced Ose-Mu-Di-A-Me and this is where the story of me being deceived comes into play.

When the hit ‘Osemudiamen’ by the young ‘Benita came on, the kids in the street, including myself and my neighbours were in love with the song. We will sing to it every time and our favourite moment was when it comes up on our television screen as we loved to watch Benita perform. As I come from a different tribe from Benita, I obviously didn’t know the lyrics to the song but I ‘chew’ my mouth in tune anyway.

My big sister knew how much I loved Benita and longed to see her so she capitalised on this and then one day, together with our neighbours who were twin sisters, conspired [yes! I say conspire because she knew I love to go to bed early and wouldn’t stay up late at night with them so it was indeed].  to lie to me so I could stay up longer rather than go to bed the usual time I did.

Back to my story.

So my sister conspired with the twins to lie that Benita came visiting with her parents and when I wake up in the morning, this is how the conversation goes:

My Sis: Ah!! Nne, you missed o

By the way; ‘O or Ah’ are a few among many Nigerian clichés we incorporate in our everyday conversation. I mean you hear people speak to their bosses at work or lecturers in universities like “Ah, excuse me sir  I can’t handle this course o” lol.

Come to think of it, if you haven’t included ah, o, abi, shebi in your conversation (Especially with your fellow Nigerian), are you truly Nigerian? **Food for Thought**

Again back to my story, apologies, getting distracted.

When she says that to me in the morning, me with the sleepy eye and hungry tummy, trying to find food to eat ignorantly replied ”

ME:  What happened?’

MY SIS: Benita came here yesterday

ME: It’s a LIE!!

MY SIS:  Ok, then, ask the twins

On hearing ‘ask the twins’ my eyes  will lit up and I screamed like:

ME: ‘Oh my God!! why didn’t you wake me? *Already on the verge of tears *

MY SIS: I was trying to wake you but you refused. You said I should leave you alone so we (Herself, the twins and Benita) ate puff puff and she sang her song to us”

*Puff Puff is a Nigeria snack.

I would be so upset and I’d run to the twins. Their story was always the same. So I pleaded with them saying

ME: Please, when next she comes, wake me up

TWINS: Don’t worry, she (Benita) said she will come today, we will try waking you up

On the night of Benita supposed arrival,  I stayed up, fighting sleep until nature eventually called and I gave in. This continued until I figured they were playing tricks on me but we laughed it off. I stopped being gullible.

Now reflecting on this, I decided I will make my nephew and niece pay for their mum’s shenanigans by making them stay up late. Or would I? Since I really want to be their favourite auntie. I guess they won’t have to pay for their mama’s sin.

Moral of the story???

Why not tell me what you deduced from this story yourself?

Till I write to you again, enjoy reading and enjoy the video below.


I can’t believe Valentine is almost around the corner. I remember, in the past, I use to wonder what to get for the male gender so when I try to get gifts for my dad or brothers, I tend to go for the regular T-shirts or Shirts, Underwears- mainly clothing gifts.

I soon realise I wasn’t the only one who struggles with getting gifts for people. So since I’ve become somewhat a pro at getting gifts, I thought it would be nice to talk you through some gift ideas you could get your other half, mum, dad, brother, sister or friend this Valentine so here are a list of gift items I have written down that could appeal to both gender regardless of age.

Perfume: Who doesn’t love a good smell? No one could ever go wrong with a nice smell. I have got so many collections of perfume in my closet, you might think I’m vain:). Over time, I have learnt how to store my favourite perfumes to keep them smelling nice for a very long time. My go-to perfumes are eau de perfume as I believe they last longer in terms of smell as compared to eau de toilette.

Makeup Kit/ Make up Brushes: A lady likes to look good. So you could get this kit for your mum, wife or girlfriend. Just make sure you go for the right complexion. If you aren’t able to afford a kit, get her either a foundation, powder, brush set or a lipstick.  My go-to lipstick will be the ‘matte lipstick’. You can’t go wrong with it and it stays longer and sexier on your woman’s lips. However please do not buy one lipstick as a gift, switch it up with something else i.e some of the items already listed.

Dress or T-Shirt: Both for ladies and men, a lovely dress will suit her well or a nice jumpsuit. If you want to take your lady out on a nice romantic date, selecting the nice outfit does justice to the whole evening. You could also complement it with the right underwear and a beautiful pair of shoe.

As a female, you could get him a nice smart shirt that will make him look really cool. This could also complement for a date night or any outdoor event. This could be complemented with a boxer shorts ( you know what your other half puts on).

Gift Box: Just like the one below, it comes with different but lovely collections. Luckily, there are male and female gift boxes.

Piece of jewellery such as Wrist Watches/ Bracelet/Necklaces/ Earrings : 

You can get this as a pair or mix it up.


Video Game Console: Although this is slightly on the high side, none the less, if you are able to, some men love to have an Xbox or ps4. This is sure to blow his mind.

Fashion bag/ Shoe: You also can’t go wrong in this.

Inscribed Gifts: This could come in form of a mug or a sofa pillow with the person’s picture crested upon it expressing how much they mean to you.

Nail Polish Set: Every female likes to have her nails done. So why not?

Flower: I am not a huge fan but a lot of ladies love this. My mum loves flowers so for someone like her when getting a gift, it will be ideal to top it up with a bouquet of flowers. For others, it might be a love for chocolate or a nice wine e.t.c. These are additional top up’s you could add to their gift item.

So there you have it. Valentine is upon us, I hope you have a great one and spread love.

Let me know what gift ideas you have in mind and what you hope to get your partner, wife, husband, mum, dad or siblings and additional gift ideas you think I missed out.


Photo Credit: Me(Nikki’s Taking Shotz)

After going MIA on social media, I decided to come back with this fun challenge called the ‘No Mirror Makeup Challenge’ with my longtime friend Amaka. Watch as we go from being clueless to creating a look we were amazed at.

Happy new month guys. Felt like May rolled by real quick but I am so excited to be here, excited about June most of all, grateful for Gods grace and looking forward to the wonderful possibilities June holds. Permit me to apologise for not posting on here last month, however, I didn’t forget you. I posted a video with my 2 beautiful sisters (click here to watch and don’t forget to show your girl some love by sharing and subscribing).

So this month, I decided to do something a little different- reflect on the month of May.

So here we go:

What I got up to:

  • I was excited May came and went so quickly. It came with its challenges which got me on my knees (in prayer). We fight battles every day, don’t we? May came with its battle and I fought like never before…still fighting as living in itself is one battle we all fight to win.
  • I enjoyed the bank holidays because it meant getting time off work and unwinding.
  • The royal wedding….that was a big thing fam, especially for my South African family.


Mark 14:27-41. This scripture reminded me of the sufferings of Christ and what he went through before his death. If Christ could go through sufferings why not mortal men. Aside from that, this scripture reminded me of staying focus and hanging on to the creator of life.

Lessons: I was learning to dance to shaku shaku. Mehnnn that dance got me crazy after I watched a video of Genevieve Nnaji dancing to it on Instagram.

I also got an understanding of what some of my subscribers enjoy reading.

Song: I had a list depending on my mood.

Ed Sheeran : Perfect

Rita Ora : Anywhere

Simi and falz: Foreign

Tope Alabi(A Nigerian gospel artist): Nigba ti mo ro

Piece: This year, I decided to spend less and I am so proud of myself. However, I longed for a large teddy which I never got round to buying.

Looking forward: To my girls’ wedding. Been a whileee I actually hunged out with friends. I’m looking forward to this wedding as I’m hoping to see old friends. Don’t worry trust me to share highlights of the wedding.

  • Hoping to:
    Continue to stay true to myself and my belief
  • Read more books and motivate myself ( I’d keep you updated on how that’s going)
  • Work on my blog and post more videos (editing is not easy I tell you coupled with a full-time job but I’m working on joggling both)
  • Network with more bloggers. I realise I’ve been on this journey alone. Time to connect.
  • Pray more and continue to hand everything over to God.

So in a nutshell that’s May. Let me know how your month went in the comment section and what you look forward to seeing in June. Till then, enjoy the new month.


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