In my last post, I narrated a story of three servants who were deposited with individual talents. In this post, I aim to expand on my previous post. (Click here if you missed it).

Do you realize humans are endowed with great talent that it hurts when gifts lie in waste? For example, some intelligent people turn robbers and blame it on the economy. My thought is, if the economy hasn’t promised well for you, you can go out and make something for yourself. You don’t have to depend on the government or anyone else to help you else your caretaker becomes your jailer. In essence; being dependent on someone only gives them the opportunity to be lord over you regardless of how intelligent or knowledgeable you are.

I’ve read and heard of stories of people who started from nothing to something, from grass to grace, these people irrespective of the economic downturn and hopelessness surrounding them, believed they had a gift which can be implemented into good use and they started with that. Of course, the road was rough and there were bumps on their way but they remained focused and didn’t let the fear in their hearts keep them from following their dreams with discipline and enthusiasm; they knew they were embedded with great talent and they never lost sight of their visions.

Back to the story of the three servants (mentioned in my previous post). I want to believe the first two men after receiving their talents from the master sat in a solitary place and mapped out how to invest in the talents given to them. The third servant, on the other hand, was irrational and judgmental which led him making a sudden decision that got him banished from the kingdom. Similarly to us, we are endowed with talents but some of us choose to ignore these talents because we don’t know where to start or how to start. We forget that most times, bright ideas come to us when we sit in our solitary place thinking of who we are, and what we can do. In that moment, out of the blues, these ideas drop and when put to use, can push us to limelight.  These ideas could be realised from our daily activities- things we enjoy doing. They come to us naturally and we do it without struggling.


The Should’I, Would’I Syndrome

I believe among several reasons why we often fail to use our talent is not because we haven’t got one but because we don’t recognize it and those who do don’t call it into effect. We could but we don’t, we should but we won’t. This ‘should I, would I’ syndrome has made life a living hell for a lot of us still living. We fail to understand that we have the capacity of building on our talents as unique individuals; creating something different, something new, our own style.

Fear of Failure

Another reason I believe we shy away from using our talent is fear as mentioned in my previous post. The fear of failure is often a more powerful emotion than the fear of progress. The words and opinions of others constantly take a toll on each of us. We fear what people will say when we don’t get it right, as a result, we refuse to dig deeper into our reservoir, we fear our ideas might not make sense to people so we lock into our sorry self, we fear we might not be acceptable, we fear we might not put our words or ideas meaningfully or it might not make sense to our audience. All these and much more have prevented us from using our gifts and pushing forward because we fear rejection. As a result of fear we leave behind what we are supposed to do and forget that “a thing of value will with the passage of enough time be taken for granted”.

How often have we thought of a worthy idea; one that could change situations around us, our society or friends but we’ve refused to embrace it because of fear?

I believe a major challenge in life is for us to learn the art of standing guard at the doorway of our mind and examine the credibility of those trying to gain entry to a place where our decisions and attitudes are formed. I’d leave you to ponder on this.



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