I was having my shower and a word of wisdom dropped. By now one will think I tend to get inspiration in bathrooms (see my previous bathroom inspired post here). The story of Jonah came to mind and how God told him to go to Nineveh to preach the gospel but out of fear, he went the opposite direction. While he was running away, God sent a heavy storm that shook the boat he was in and the people in the boat threw away their belongings to make the boat a little lighter. Whilst everyone was busy panicking and praying, they noticed Jonah was asleep. Long story short, Jonah told them he was running away from God and if they do not throw him off the boat, they might all die. The travellers threw Jonah overboard in the midst of the terrible storm and the sea became calm again.

While going through my routine, the thought of ‘Minding who you walk with in 2019 came to mind and I couldn’t wait to share’. I realise that a lot of opportunities have been missed as a result of the kind of relationship a person keeps. Back to the bible narrative, the travellers would have lost their lives have they not gotten rid of Jonah.

Do you remember when your parents would warn you against associating yourselves with a certain person because they were concerned you would be judged by others in accordance with the friends you keep or particularly the influence they might have on you? It’s been said countless times that “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are”. In essence, if you have a negative friend, invariably, you automatically become a negative person even if you are not and this happens because the company you hang with is believed to depict an actual representation of who you are and what you stand for regardless if it is true or not.

As you go through your journey, you will begin to understand like the men travelling with Jonah how important relationships are. In the early years of my life especially as a teenager and one going into adulthood, I thought having so many friends was important and I will become unhappy when I find that the people who I called my inner circle were no longer the same people I once walked with. Now I do no such thing as I have come to realise that not all relationships are supposed to walk you through your life’s journey. I now understand that some relationships will last a while and probably till you complete your journey on earth while others will last for a season. It’s up to you to unplug when a particular season comes to an end. Be tough enough to let go.  Obviously, letting go isn’t always easy but the earlier we condition our minds to work that way, the better for us.

It’s important to check for traces in people we think might drag us down and to eliminate such people from our lives without feeling sorry. Cutting yourself off people doesn’t make them your enemies, you just aren’t designed to walk a path with them anymore and even though it might have been good at some point, always know when to draw curtains especially when you sense the relationship isn’t making you a better person.

This brings me to the conclusion; as you walk through 2019, remember the story of Jonah. Be conscious of who you call a ‘close pal’ because your character is often reflected by the company and friends you chose to surround yourself with.


In this post, I hope to encourage you going through a difficult time and to remind you that you are not alone in this journey. Maybe you feel disappointed at not having achieved the things you had hoped to achieve this year. Do not feel discouraged.

I was practically in the same position as you a few weeks back and then I turned my worries into praise (hence the praise Challange) and I have seen tremendous changes happen in my life and I encourage you to do same.

Although tonight marks the end of the challenge, that doesn’t translate that I will stop praising. On the contrary, I will keep praising God regardless of the situation but this challenge was just to refrain from asking and worshipping him solely.

I hope you end the year on a positive note regardless of the hurdles you’ve encountered.

Do not give up.




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He was not in the Fire

Yesterday morning while in the bathroom I had a wow moment. As fate would have it, later in the evening I was having a conversation with my mum and sister centred around the happenings of the morning then all of a sudden, the thoughts gradually became clearer and were now making so much sense to me.

Here I was in the morning brushing my teeth and the thought of Elijah in the Bible dropped in my mind. The bible said he was instructed by God to go to the mountains and God will pass by. (1 Kings 19:11). It was later recorded that there was a powerful wind, thereafter an earthquake, and after the earthquake, a fire but God was not in any of these events. I was trying to make sense of this when a question came to mind It went something like ‘ you know we make decisions and think God is in it right?” and I was like WOW, so true!!.
Immediately thoughts began to form in my mind.

Whilst going through that motion, I was reminded of times I, like many other Christians made decisions and went ahead with our plans in hope that Christ was involved only to realise he wasn’t.

As I was sharing with my family, I said to them: “ the best thing before making decisions or venture into a life-changing activity is to desire and seek Gods will in that situation”. Then came the question “how do I know it is not Gods will for me especially after I prayed about it and told God to give it to me?”.

My response to that was “you told God to give it to you but what if it wasn’t part of his plan for you to have it.?”. The difference here is, we are telling God what we want rather than asking what he wants us to do in the situation.

Although that’s a tough question and I probably didn’t give the best response but I know there are times we get into relationships, careers or make a life-changing decision after praying and asking. And because it came to us, we think God was involved. Sometimes he chose to go quiet and we mistake his quietness as a response

{p.s. This isn’t to say people don’t hear from God because, in fact, most people hear God and very clearly too. For these people, this comes with growth, knowledge of God and a relationship with him.}

So back to the question: how do I know God’s will? The truth is, I know God wishes for his children to prosper and be in good health and I myself struggle to comprehend what God is asking me to do at some point in my life. Other times it’s very clear but in moments when I hear nothing, when I am clueless, it’s in those moments I plead for him to guide me in making the right decisions. I also take it further by pleading with him to walk with me so I do not go out of his will.

Another thing I say to him is for him not to take me where his presence isn’t. Once that’s said, I relax and let him have his way.

To non-Christian, this might be difficult to comprehend and that’s fine. However, for those who have made decisions but didn’t hear from God and went ahead in hope that God was there think of Elijah and ask for God’s will.

“11 The Lord said, “Go out and stand on the mountain in the presence of the Lord, for the Lord is about to pass by.”

Then a great and powerful wind tore the mountains apart and shattered the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind. After the wind, there was an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. 12 After the earthquake came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1 Kings 19:11-12

Obviously, I do not mean it in the literal word as ‘me’ walking on water. But this phrase ‘Walking on water’ is one that’s been on my mind since the 10th of September and each day I am inspired to write something about it. And I know I’ve been away for a while- from social media and everything ‘online’. The time off was a much-needed space for me to reflect and most importantly work on myself. I never forgot about you though but this ‘me time’ was everything I needed and still need. Hopefully, I get to go in-depth in sharing my story on what’s happened and still happening to inspire you. So since I’ve been away let me start by saying …hey lovelies, it’s good to have you back (insert smiley face).

I have been inspired to share my thoughts on walking on water based on the encounters I had several months back. And although this phrase brings to mind the story of Jesus walking on water it, also, speaks volume to my personal journey these past months. I was listening to Mali Music ‘Walk on water’ and instantly I realised how the past months have been for me. It felt as though I have been walking on water, almost drowning.

This phrase ‘walking on water’ speaks particularly to me about life’s struggles. How we try to cope with the impossible or what seems impossible. It’s like being thrown into the ocean deep knowing fully well you are unable to swim and when thrown in, you struggle to breath, you need to survive. You fight to come out so you find a way of lifting yourself; your head a little higher, you’re happy because you catch your breath but then you find yourself going deeper and deeper again and you wonder “is this the end?” Now that’s how life can be for some people but if you are lucky, you swim out of it and come to land or you get recused by the lifeguard but sadly not everyone makes it to land.

The past months have been like that for me, one of a roller coaster, struggling to swim out of the ocean I was thrown in, and how like Peter in the Bible, I kept looking up to God to save me from drowning, and other times been so afraid that I look at the sea and I thought I was sinking, and somehow like Peter I was led back to the boat. In that moment, I literally saw God manifest himself in the most amazing way possible.

I mean sometimes God is so full of humour and he makes me laugh at how he turns everything out in one’s favour only if you trust him. So particularly for me, its been months of learning, reflecting, waiting on God and holding on to his words.

Throughout this process, I have learnt to wait on the lord and to trust his timing. I now understand that he is never too late or too early he is simply on time and whilst he is working, I am learning to be Still and just Wait.

The difficulty with all of these is, it isn’t easy to wait on someone or something when everything around you looks like it’s about to crash on you and if you do not act fast, you will crumble with it but hey I’m learning to ‘WAIT’ and ‘TRUST’ Gods timing. I will say trusting and waiting is the most difficult part for me as I am generally not a patient person but I am learning. slowly, taking baby steps.

In conclusion, although it’s been months of challenges, it has toughened and strengthened my faith and I am slowly learning not to get obsessed over how things will get resolved but trust Gods timing.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wonder why things do not happen as you envisioned or if like me you believe in a God but you wonder why he takes his time especially after praying, working hard and trusting him. Basically, after doing what the holy book instructs you to do?

Let me give you an example. I trusted God to pass a test In march. I so wanted to get that test sorted and out of the way. I worked really hard. I had prepared for it and prayed about it  and I did have faith I’d come correct. Only for me to get the result saying I didn’t make it.

You can imagine how I felt, so devastated.  I cried.

Even though I felt really bad, I tried praying but didn’t know what exactly to say to God. Few months went by I still felt hurt and betrayed by him.

Fast forward: I was reflecting this week and it dawned on me that I’ve got to enjoy this season I’m in. I had to challenge myself by asking ‘if I trust God so much so, why question his timing?’.

I made a concrete decision to enjoy each season I find myself and stop trying to control God’s timing for my life. It doesn’t mean I’ve completely forgotten about the fact I didn’t pass the test, no! on the contrary, I do remember but I’m grateful God has a better plan for my life and my willingness to submit to his timing will help me appreciate where I am at the moment, that way, when I eventually scale through the test, I can truly be thankful.

That being said, I’ve made a decision to find JOY in Christ regardless of what season I find myself.



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