I can hardly believe 2015 is over.Looking back, 2015 was a beautiful year for me as an individual and for my family. It was a year filled with extraordinary blessings and I couldn’t be more grateful. As a result, I decided to count my blessings 🙂

In 2015, I graduated with a beautiful result and was blessed with a wonderful job almost immediately. Aside from that, my big sis graduated and got married to her longtime boo. And when we least expected, my little ones were blessed with a job. To me, it was one testimony after another.

I’m glad you made it through to the new year; although some of my needs were not met in 2015 however, I came into 2016 hoping for the best and trusting God. As some people say, “where there is life, there is hope” so I’m walking into 2016 trusting it will be a glorious one filled with unending blessings.

I appeal to you to keep trusting and pushing and never losing hope, have a set plan and work towards achieving each goal you’ve proposed in your heart.

I wish you the very best in 2016.

Happy New Year!!


Photo Credit-Pixabay

Photo Credit-Pixabay

Today I was pondering on the word ‘fear’. And I realized how little yet, powerful the 4 letter word is and how it prevents many from fulfilling their dreams. It dawned on me that one among many reasons why people fear and cannot perform at full capacity is because, they concern themselves with what people say and get apprehensive when they make mistakes that lead to failure or risk.

I have several examples to share with you but I’m running out of time so, I’ll leave you with this thought:

When you find yourself feeling afraid as we often do, seize the energy in doing something positive. Dare not be afraid to push yourself forward as there’s no guarantee you will get it at first attempt but, remember that if you had not failed the time you did, perhaps you would not have known what you now know.

Have a good day and keep pushing.


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