In my last post, I narrated a story of three servants who were deposited with individual talents. In this post, I aim to expand on my previous post. (Click here if you missed it).

Do you realize humans are endowed with great talent that it hurts when gifts lie in waste? For example, some intelligent people turn robbers and blame it on the economy. My thought is, if the economy hasn’t promised well for you, you can go out and make something for yourself. You don’t have to depend on the government or anyone else to help you else your caretaker becomes your jailer. In essence; being dependent on someone only gives them the opportunity to be lord over you regardless of how intelligent or knowledgeable you are.

I’ve read and heard of stories of people who started from nothing to something, from grass to grace, these people irrespective of the economic downturn and hopelessness surrounding them, believed they had a gift which can be implemented into good use and they started with that. Of course, the road was rough and there were bumps on their way but they remained focused and didn’t let the fear in their hearts keep them from following their dreams with discipline and enthusiasm; they knew they were embedded with great talent and they never lost sight of their visions.

Back to the story of the three servants (mentioned in my previous post). I want to believe the first two men after receiving their talents from the master sat in a solitary place and mapped out how to invest in the talents given to them. The third servant, on the other hand, was irrational and judgmental which led him making a sudden decision that got him banished from the kingdom. Similarly to us, we are endowed with talents but some of us choose to ignore these talents because we don’t know where to start or how to start. We forget that most times, bright ideas come to us when we sit in our solitary place thinking of who we are, and what we can do. In that moment, out of the blues, these ideas drop and when put to use, can push us to limelight.  These ideas could be realised from our daily activities- things we enjoy doing. They come to us naturally and we do it without struggling.


The Should’I, Would’I Syndrome

I believe among several reasons why we often fail to use our talent is not because we haven’t got one but because we don’t recognize it and those who do don’t call it into effect. We could but we don’t, we should but we won’t. This ‘should I, would I’ syndrome has made life a living hell for a lot of us still living. We fail to understand that we have the capacity of building on our talents as unique individuals; creating something different, something new, our own style.

Fear of Failure

Another reason I believe we shy away from using our talent is fear as mentioned in my previous post. The fear of failure is often a more powerful emotion than the fear of progress. The words and opinions of others constantly take a toll on each of us. We fear what people will say when we don’t get it right, as a result, we refuse to dig deeper into our reservoir, we fear our ideas might not make sense to people so we lock into our sorry self, we fear we might not be acceptable, we fear we might not put our words or ideas meaningfully or it might not make sense to our audience. All these and much more have prevented us from using our gifts and pushing forward because we fear rejection. As a result of fear we leave behind what we are supposed to do and forget that “a thing of value will with the passage of enough time be taken for granted”.

How often have we thought of a worthy idea; one that could change situations around us, our society or friends but we’ve refused to embrace it because of fear?

I believe a major challenge in life is for us to learn the art of standing guard at the doorway of our mind and examine the credibility of those trying to gain entry to a place where our decisions and attitudes are formed. I’d leave you to ponder on this.



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The parable of the talents accorded in the Bible (Matthew 25:14–30) fascinates me; it makes me ponder at how often we are quick to judge people especially those whose lives we get to read about, yet fail to see and acknowledge the similarities in what we do. Because of the length of this post, I have written it in two parts. So here we go…

The parable narrates the story of a rich man who went on a journey. Before leaving, he called his three servants and gave each of them a talent. To one servant, he gave 5 talents, to another he gave 2 talents and to the third servant he gave 1 talent. The first two servants went ahead, invested in their talents and gained interest, while the third servant hid his talent by digging it into the ground until his masters’ return. On the masters’ return, he was impressed with his first two servants obviously because their talents yielded increase but was disappointed with the third servant and banished him from the kingdom. This scenario reminds me of a saying that ‘your gift will make a way for you’. The saying is true and it did work for the first two servants who put their talents to use and got rewarded.

Most people who hear this story express and relinquish anger and disgust at the third servant, they blame him for not taking action or for being greedy and not being contented with what he was given and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking so because I once had that notion until it dawned on me that many of us are like the third servant and do things similarly to him.

I read a book called ‘The Gift’ by Ron Reynolds. According to Ron “inside of every human is a gift to be used and shared, it’s a call to help, to save or to rescue; a talent to be nourished or an idea that needs to grow”. Back to the story, the first two servants nourished their talents and that led to more talent deposited to them. I wouldn’t say putting their talents to use was easy as I’m pretty sure they went through phases like doubts, unbelief and fear. None the less they gave it a thought and went into action rather than sitting and wallowing in contemplation like most people do forgetting that the circumstance of today was as a result of yesterday’s thoughts. The third servant, on the other hand, wallowed in envy and jealousy. He didn’t realise that he could have been a hero since rooted in every man is a talent or a gift that needs to be shared.

The irony of this story is even though sometimes we are aware of what to do (I say ‘sometimes’ because often times we are clueless) we often get complacent and act foolishly like the third servant did. While pondering on this, I assume the third servant acted the way he did as a result of fear because fear comes in different forms. For example, we fear what the outcome of our actions might be or what others would think about us and this is often a contributing factor to holding one back from being productive. Aside fear, we get lazy, procrastinate and shy away from responsibilities and forget that everyone is embedded with a gift or a talent and that heroes are ordinary people who rise up to the challenge of life but do not recognise they’ve got the strength embedded in them until someone shows them or as I like to put it, until they take up the challenge to find out for themselves.

Another factor that could prevent us from using our gift is what we tend to believe. For instance, many people think they have nothing to contribute to the world and I really like how Ron Reynolds puts it. He said ‘a gift is to be used and shared’ in other words, a talent is not to be left dormant or buried. We need to rise up and understand that by not using the gift deposited in us either from birth or the ones developed over time, we only limit ourselves to several opportunities yet to unfold, opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact in our generation and those gifts will lie dormant, rusting away if they are not being exercised.

I believe every individual has been deposited with a talent and these talents varies from gifts of eloquence – to speak in public and talk to nations, encouraging and healing rather than speaking ill and gossiping about others, it could be the gift of teaching- being a coach, a mentor, a counsellor, an actor, a poet, a singer, an artist, a writer, lots and lots of talents. The amazing thing is, these talents have been set in place for us and we wouldn’t be brought to earth if they weren’t. I strongly believe we’ve been created to reign and where we reign is where our Creator reigns and he would only breathe on what we attempt to improve.

You will agree with me that the Internet has become an intrinsic part of human existence; it communicates news to us and is notable for carrying extensive varieties of information, little wonder we learn new things and adopt a different standard of living. Aside from that, we often find ourselves checking online to ascertain the validity of a claim. This form of gathering information has an enormous impact on us without even realizing it. For instance, we get to hear stories that make us question the essence of things and often times life itself.
Let me cite an example. Before now; I was nervous about getting married because the internet delivers news on failed marriages. As a matter of fact, these marriages were barely a year old. The news on failed marriage would get to me and make me worried. Unconsciously I took on the fear I was presented with and unknown to me it became a second nature. I would sit and question what would happen when I get married- several thoughts will cross my mind like, ‘how long will my marriage last for, will I have a failed marriage, is failed marriage the new trend, could this be the norm in society or is it a bug people would have to catch at some point in marriage?’. I constantly questioned myself and I let the fear of failed marriage reside in me for as long as I could remember.
Contrary to what you might be thinking, I do not come from a broken home. As a matter of fact, my parents are still together and are good examples of marriage that have gone through the test of time. However, I come across stories of younger couples who are on the verge of giving up on their marriage or have given up completely; unfortunately, these couples are models to our generation.
So how did I free myself from this dilemma you might be wondering?
In other to get out of that state I created unconsciously, I got to read stories of marriages that are thriving. Some of these marriages have gone on for 20 years and counting, for example, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett, David and Victoria Beckham. And ooh!! did I forget to mention, T.D Jakes and his wife Serita. The list goes on and on.
Having shared my story, I assume we all deal with fear one way or another considering what’s going on around us and what the media presents to us. Yours doesn’t necessarily have to be about marriage; it could be fear of suffering, bombing, or even death the worse of it all (I went through that as well). It’s something only known to you.
Just like I did, first, renew your mind. I can’t over emphasize that. I made a conscious effort to do better in marriage and not let what the media present to me define my perspective on love or marriage. Also as a believer in God, I prayed about the situation (Fear). Additionally, I read books on marriages and, on my social platforms; I followed couples who share their experiences and marital journey with the world. Besides, I engage in conversations with younger couples who have been married long enough and who share their struggles and triumph in marriage. Above all this, I learnt to take on the lessons but not the fear.
While writing this, it dawned on me that we fail to realise the power embedded in us as a result of fear. We are oblivious to the fact that we can be a source of inspiration to ourselves especially when we are not inspired by those around us most of all; the media. So this brings me to a conclusion ‘when you hear unpleasant stories especially online, it’s ok to show sympathy but do not take the fear upon yourself’.




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Last week I was on the train and the gentleman sitting next to me stood up to offer a lady his seat. When she sat down,  she kept staring at me. My old self would have felt guilty for not being the first to offer my seat instead, I ignored her and busied myself with what I was doing earlier.

It then dawned on me that most people often feel the same way not necessarily when they don’t offer their seat on a train or a bus but In other situations. It’s common to man to want to gain the favour and appreciation of another ( we all feel like that sometimes.  To feel noticed and appreciated right? ). Anyway; my not offering my seat wasn’t because I was trying to feel a type of way but I thought to myself: ‘I had to be at a certain place by half nine that morning. That means I had to get up really early to get ready for my day. After completing what I had to do, I left to catch the train back home. This means I too I’m exhausted and needed to sit.

On seeing the lady when she got into the train, I assumed she’s got a long day and might be exhausted like me. I could have offered my seat but I too was tired.

So this thinking as I said earlier; most people would offer their seats in order to be recognised as a good person ( mind you others will give up their seats regardless not having any ulterior motive).

This doesn’t mean I don’t give up seats.  Contrary to what you might be thinking I actually do especially if there is an elderly person,  a pregnant woman or someone with special needs.  But the point I’m trying to make here is, we often do things in other to get recognition. I’ve heard of stories where a man would offer help to someone else at the detriment of his family.

A religious person reading this might say ‘but the holy book says…’ I am not contradicting what the Bible or Quran says but I feel everyone should be wise in their dealings. The holy book never said ‘give your neighbour and starve your family’ .

So friends don’t feel pressured to help someone if it’s beyond your capacity however if you’ve got the means or strength to help someone please; by all means go all the way out. If you are however limited in any way don’t put yourself under immense pressure or worry and concern yourself with what the next person will think about you.

Till next time Smile, Love your God, Love your Neighbour and be a Blessing.


Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wonder why things do not happen as you envisioned or if like me you believe in a God but you wonder why he takes his time especially after praying, working hard and trusting him. Basically, after doing what the holy book instructs you to do?

Let me give you an example. I trusted God to pass a test In march. I so wanted to get that test sorted and out of the way. I worked really hard. I had prepared for it and prayed about it  and I did have faith I’d come correct. Only for me to get the result saying I didn’t make it.

You can imagine how I felt, so devastated.  I cried.

Even though I felt really bad, I tried praying but didn’t know what exactly to say to God. Few months went by I still felt hurt and betrayed by him.

Fast forward: I was reflecting this week and it dawned on me that I’ve got to enjoy this season I’m in. I had to challenge myself by asking ‘if I trust God so much so, why question his timing?’.

I made a concrete decision to enjoy each season I find myself and stop trying to control God’s timing for my life. It doesn’t mean I’ve completely forgotten about the fact I didn’t pass the test, no! on the contrary, I do remember but I’m grateful God has a better plan for my life and my willingness to submit to his timing will help me appreciate where I am at the moment, that way, when I eventually scale through the test, I can truly be thankful.

That being said, I’ve made a decision to find JOY in Christ regardless of what season I find myself.



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