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I have just returned from a trip to Dubai which by the way was an amazing experience and I enjoyed every bit of it.  So I thought “why not share my experience with you and perhaps suggest places you could visit when next you are in Dubai or if you decide to visit for the very first time. Mind you, I never thought of sharing my experience until I got back so I wasn’t really prepared for this post until later.

Before leaving for my journey, I made a list of places I wanted to visit, things I wanted to see and activities I wanted to do. But upon reaching Dubai, I got so relaxed and didn’t feel like doing a lot. I think this was probably as a result of being so busy at work, I needed to unwind and not spend most of my time outdoors.

Although this is my second visit to Dubai whenever I visit this city, there is a new development going on and as most people already know, Dubai is known for its high buildings. So I tend to relax and savour each moment when I visit.

So here are the places you could visit in the city.

Dubai Mal

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai MallDubai is famous for its extraordinary shopping malls. You could spend a day of endless shopping in Dubai. Dubai mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the United Arab Emirate (UAE) offering a diverse retail mix. And if you don’t like shopping, the mall offers leisure attractions and entertainment.

Although one thing I’d say is, if you don’t like malls then this place will seem tiring for you but if you do then you will love this place.

Desert Safari:

Safari was my first experience when I got to Dubai but that was after I ’ve had my nail done:). The safari is an experience of the Arabian desert in a single tour.

This activity was booked over the phone as we ( my friends and I) thought it was a lot cheaper than booking online and we were lucky to be accommodated considering it was a short notice booking.  On the day, we got a pickup not too far from our 4-star hotel (Pardon me to brag a bit 🙂 ) which made the whole safari experience seamless.

The safari included activities such as dune bashing, camel riding, and dinner desserts at a campsite where we sat around a campfire and watched folk-dance show, a belly dance performance and thereafter, enjoyed the traditional Arabian dishes of which we had varieties to choose from.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Although I tried to focus during the ride but it was scary I ended up screaming and holding onto my friends and the car door for safety.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Beach, Boat Cruise

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, TravelAt the end of the night, we got into our 4×4 and rugged out of the desert.


Burj Khalifa:

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

This activity was also booked from our hotel. We booked a day before and we got the morning slot to get access to the 124th floor. We went through the Dubai mall which was nice to see by the way but we did struggle to get to Burj Khalifa as we sometimes missed our turns. Before reaching the floor, we were introduced to the history of Dubai through a multimedia presentation.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Next, we got into an elevator which travels 10 meters per second.


On reaching the top of the building surrounded by glass walls, we saw tourist just like us who had come to view the city. It is believed that the overall amount of concrete used in the construction of the building equals the weight of 100,000 elephants and is the tallest building in the world.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel


Gold Souk:

 Permit me to narrate my experience leading up to this journey. So on my return from my first trip, my landlord (at the time) asked about my journey and I narrated my experience. And then he asked, “did you get to visit the gold souk I told you about?” I was like “oh no I didn’t, it was so hot and I didn’t feel like going out” (I guess at this point you might wonder why I go on trips if I end up staying indoor right?). Oh gosh, my landlord was not having it. He nearly bite off my ear as he never stopped going on about what I missed “how couldn’t you visit the Gold souk” he would say.

So on my recent visit, I literally dragged myself to the gold souk in Deira in other to fulfil all righteousness and tick that off my bucket list.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Gold Souk

The Gold Souk is considered one of the main attraction in Dubai. You might find this place interesting even if you’re not a Gold or jewellery fan.

Well, those who know me so well would know I’m not a ‘gold fan’ but I visited the place to see what it looks like. Not bad considering some of the shops offer diamonds, platinum and sometimes silver jewellery which are all genuine. Another thing I like about the gold market is that you can beat the price with the dealer until you come to an agreement.

Boat Cruise:

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Burj Khalifa, Boat Cruise

I have always wanted to go on one of these and missed the opportunity the first time I visited. But on my second visit, going on a boat cruise was definitely a top priority for me as well as visiting Burj Khalifa.

With the cruise, you can choose from a range of boat cruises and find something that suits you as well as your budget.

I wasn’t satisfied with the boat booked over the phone so I took a tour around the boat station (not sure what the area is called) and spoke to different people to see what they offered and the sitting position because I needed a private and quiet area. I eventually got what I wanted.

I enjoyed a beautiful evening under the sky and took in the glittering skyline whilst enjoying the view and city sights.

Aside from the beautiful view, the cruise had onboard activities such as Tanoura dance, Magic show and Doll dance to keep guest entertained.

Also, the buffet was nice. I was a bit sceptical about dinning but once I gave it a try, I was pleased.

Dubai Mall, NnekasChronicles, Dubai Experience, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Burj Khalifa, Boat Cruise


Finally the beach. The beach was a good one for me. The only downside, however, were the prices of things. As soon as we got to the seaside, prices of things doubled. Which wasn’t really nice- I guess that’s how they make their money so be mindful of this when going to the beach. That was the only turn off for me. Aside from that, it was good to walk around the beach, savour nature, take great pictures and create good memories.

So my advice to you before going on a Dubai trip or any trip for that matter is to plan ahead and check out the prices of things so you are well informed. I know we love to pamper ourselves when we go on holidays but make sure you spend within your budget so you don’t incur debt.

So there you have it. Places you could visit in Dubai.

Let me know what your experience was like going on holiday and if you’ve ever visited Dubai, let me know the activities you enjoyed and didn’t in the comment below.




For the sake of those who haven’t met me, I thought I share insights ( not a lot 🙂 ) about myself.

Enjoy x


This month (1st of October) marked Nigeria’s Independence- Country gained its independence on the 1st of October 1960. This day was particularly important to me because it fell on a Sunday. Not having a topic already in mind, this Independence came in handy 🙂

I felt it was important I talk about embracing one’s identity, or as the case may be; ones Nationality. I have noticed that a lot of people are embarrassed to be identified with their birth country, especially when they get the opportunity to migrate to a different country. I have also found this from children of migrants who feel ashamed of their parent’s heritage. In the former case, they believe travelling abroad is the ultimate destination and as a result, forget where they are from.

I have previously seen a video of a lady who was ‘ashamed’ of her skin type because according to her, it was connoted with ‘poverty’.  I have also overheard people speak negatively about their birth country or motherland because things aren’t as they should be when compared to other countries, such as the ones which they inhabit.

I was in a conversation with someone and when the name of a country popped up, her response was ‘forget that useless country’. I was astounded by her statement, particularly because she is a citizen of the country mentioned. I was also told about a man who refused to invest in his country because he felt it was a ‘dead’ country and as a result discouraged others from investing in it too.

I do understand the frustration, especially when the ‘shi-tu-ation’ found in their society can be avoided but is not, due to greed and selfishness on the part of the government.

What’s amazing is I seldom hear citizens of other Countries e.g. Britons speak negatively about their country. It isn’t that their nation is as good as they portray it but there is a pride in their ‘greatness’ as a nation no matter what goes on. They have a way of displaying the positives of their country and as a result, foreigners run over to such countries and because of this false depiction they sometimes get disappointed.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to embrace your nationality.  It is your heritage. Avoid speaking negatively about your roots as the grass is often not greener on the other side.

It’s incredible when you’ve got the opportunity to embrace a different culture and meet diverse people, but don’t suppress your identity because you are in a different country. Always remember your ethnicity- it’s what formed you.

I appreciate the fact that some of us would like to change a certain aspect of us and it’s common in most individuals as we all are not perfect and sometimes wish we have a different feature from what we’ve currently got. But I encourage you to embrace who you are and revel in your individuality regardless of your nationality, skin type, weight, height, the way you walk or the sound of your voice. If you have the ability to change what you do not like about yourself, then, by all means, do so but if you are unable to change the situation, I’d encourage you to embrace your ‘uniqueness’ so that others will appreciate you for who you are.

I will conclude by saying it is important that we embrace our cultural heritage and embrace our roots, our individuality and the ethical traditions handed to us by our ancestors. The fact that some things don’t work well in your country doesn’t mean you should disown it or shy away from being identified with that nation. If you’ve got the opportunity to travel abroad, get the knowledge learnt and invest in your country. I encourage everyone to celebrate their culture as that culture made you, it is your roots and trust me, if you look deeper, you will enjoy the riches and fullness of your heritage.

Similarly, learn to embrace your individuality. You are unique regardless of your accent or your skin type. Those qualities made you so take great pleasure in it and let people appreciate you for your worth.

Enjoy the video below and have a wonderful day.

Loving the beat.


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