Happy new month guys. Felt like May rolled by real quick but I am so excited to be here, excited about June most of all, grateful for Gods grace and looking forward to the wonderful possibilities June holds. Permit me to apologise for not posting on here last month, however, I didn’t forget you. I posted a video with my 2 beautiful sisters (click here to watch and don’t forget to show your girl some love by sharing and subscribing).

So this month, I decided to do something a little different- reflect on the month of May.

So here we go:

What I got up to:

  • I was excited May came and went so quickly. It came with its challenges which got me on my knees (in prayer). We fight battles every day, don’t we? May came with its battle and I fought like never before…still fighting as living in itself is one battle we all fight to win.
  • I enjoyed the bank holidays because it meant getting time off work and unwinding.
  • The royal wedding….that was a big thing fam, especially for my South African family.


Mark 14:27-41. This scripture reminded me of the sufferings of Christ and what he went through before his death. If Christ could go through sufferings why not mortal men. Aside from that, this scripture reminded me of staying focus and hanging on to the creator of life.

Lessons: I was learning to dance to shaku shaku. Mehnnn that dance got me crazy after I watched a video of Genevieve Nnaji dancing to it on Instagram.

I also got an understanding of what some of my subscribers enjoy reading.

Song: I had a list depending on my mood.

Ed Sheeran : Perfect

Rita Ora : Anywhere

Simi and falz: Foreign

Tope Alabi(A Nigerian gospel artist): Nigba ti mo ro

Piece: This year, I decided to spend less and I am so proud of myself. However, I longed for a large teddy which I never got round to buying.

Looking forward: To my girls’ wedding. Been a whileee I actually hunged out with friends. I’m looking forward to this wedding as I’m hoping to see old friends. Don’t worry trust me to share highlights of the wedding.

  • Hoping to:
    Continue to stay true to myself and my belief
  • Read more books and motivate myself ( I’d keep you updated on how that’s going)
  • Work on my blog and post more videos (editing is not easy I tell you coupled with a full-time job but I’m working on joggling both)
  • Network with more bloggers. I realise I’ve been on this journey alone. Time to connect.
  • Pray more and continue to hand everything over to God.

So in a nutshell that’s May. Let me know how your month went in the comment section and what you look forward to seeing in June. Till then, enjoy the new month.

In this video, I demonstrate how I made my faux Locs. Click to watch


For the sake of those who haven’t met me, I thought I share insights ( not a lot 🙂 ) about myself.

Enjoy x


This month (1st of October) marked Nigeria’s Independence- Country gained its independence on the 1st of October 1960. This day was particularly important to me because it fell on a Sunday. Not having a topic already in mind, this Independence came in handy 🙂

I felt it was important I talk about embracing one’s identity, or as the case may be; ones Nationality. I have noticed that a lot of people are embarrassed to be identified with their birth country, especially when they get the opportunity to migrate to a different country. I have also found this from children of migrants who feel ashamed of their parent’s heritage. In the former case, they believe travelling abroad is the ultimate destination and as a result, forget where they are from.

I have previously seen a video of a lady who was ‘ashamed’ of her skin type because according to her, it was connoted with ‘poverty’.  I have also overheard people speak negatively about their birth country or motherland because things aren’t as they should be when compared to other countries, such as the ones which they inhabit.

I was in a conversation with someone and when the name of a country popped up, her response was ‘forget that useless country’. I was astounded by her statement, particularly because she is a citizen of the country mentioned. I was also told about a man who refused to invest in his country because he felt it was a ‘dead’ country and as a result discouraged others from investing in it too.

I do understand the frustration, especially when the ‘shi-tu-ation’ found in their society can be avoided but is not, due to greed and selfishness on the part of the government.

What’s amazing is I seldom hear citizens of other Countries e.g. Britons speak negatively about their country. It isn’t that their nation is as good as they portray it but there is a pride in their ‘greatness’ as a nation no matter what goes on. They have a way of displaying the positives of their country and as a result, foreigners run over to such countries and because of this false depiction they sometimes get disappointed.

Nonetheless, it’s imperative to embrace your nationality.  It is your heritage. Avoid speaking negatively about your roots as the grass is often not greener on the other side.

It’s incredible when you’ve got the opportunity to embrace a different culture and meet diverse people, but don’t suppress your identity because you are in a different country. Always remember your ethnicity- it’s what formed you.

I appreciate the fact that some of us would like to change a certain aspect of us and it’s common in most individuals as we all are not perfect and sometimes wish we have a different feature from what we’ve currently got. But I encourage you to embrace who you are and revel in your individuality regardless of your nationality, skin type, weight, height, the way you walk or the sound of your voice. If you have the ability to change what you do not like about yourself, then, by all means, do so but if you are unable to change the situation, I’d encourage you to embrace your ‘uniqueness’ so that others will appreciate you for who you are.

I will conclude by saying it is important that we embrace our cultural heritage and embrace our roots, our individuality and the ethical traditions handed to us by our ancestors. The fact that some things don’t work well in your country doesn’t mean you should disown it or shy away from being identified with that nation. If you’ve got the opportunity to travel abroad, get the knowledge learnt and invest in your country. I encourage everyone to celebrate their culture as that culture made you, it is your roots and trust me, if you look deeper, you will enjoy the riches and fullness of your heritage.

Similarly, learn to embrace your individuality. You are unique regardless of your accent or your skin type. Those qualities made you so take great pleasure in it and let people appreciate you for your worth.

Enjoy the video below and have a wonderful day.

Loving the beat.


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