The popular saying on Pinterest quote or on Instagram reinforcing the need for consistency and achieving great results is constantly slammed on our faces that we get nervous when we encourage the idea of taking a break. As a creative, I barely hear other creatives in my niche talk about taking breaks and I find that it is one essential tool if we need our creative juices flowing.

Sometime last year, I thought about a list of things I had to achieve especially with the blog. I remember stating one time on the blog that in this new month this is what I hope to do. Fast-forward to 2019, I almost beat myself up for not having reached the height I had set for myself.

What I failed to realise is that, with other pressing needs and more responsibilities, I sometimes will fall short of hitting realistic goals. After realising this truth, I no longer beat myself up if I feel mentally tired. I now take breaks while plotting my next move because I am now clear that taking a break every now and then enhances the development of my strength.

I find this does not necessarily have to be when one has set a goal and is struggling to achieve, it also applies if a person has worked himself so damn hard and find he/she is slowly running out on themselves.

Rest comes in several forms, it could mean taking a break from what you are doing at the moment to rejuvenate, it could be going on a vacation, or ultimately could come in form of sleep or talking a nice jolly walk in the field to clear your head, and to enjoy nature, and the peace it brings.

It’s ok to take breaks every now and then as they help with productivity. Don’t beat yourself up if you do not achieve the goal you have set for yourself. Take a break, go back within your inner self (your reservoir) and come back ready to tackle the world again.

What other ways do you prefer to distress mentally?

I probably shouldn’t write about this right? But I thought since I am working on being intentional and wanting to share my highlights with you, I might as well.

This is my view of one of my favourite restaurants and I will tell you why.

The highlight for me is going in for not just a bite of their peri-peri grilled chicken but also drizzle the peri tamer (kids) sauce on virtually every order I make in the restaurant. By now you know I am referring to Nandos.

Here are my top 3 reasons for referring to it as one of my favourite dining locations:

  • I like the synergy I get when I come into the restaurant. I usually love a private space when I go to restaurants but with Nando’s, I feel like I already belong there- the sound of music brings everything together for me.
  • Atmosphere: following up from the top list, Nando’s have this feel of Africanness to it. Aside the music that draws you in, the ambience of the place reminds me of the beauty of Africa and so many memories of my grand mother’s kitchen in terms of the wooden artefacts and flowers that form the ornamentals of the place.
  • Another interesting thing I like about Nando’s is their loyalty card. I believe this draws customers to them. I like that they reward their customers with this loyalty card and also share a secret recipe with them. For example, I enjoy going to have their peri tamer alongside the extra hot spice even though peri tamer is listed in the kid’s menu. You should try it.
  • Lastly and I believe is the most important- the Chicken. One time I asked a question on my Instagram story asking my followers to guess where I was. One of the responses that caught my attention was this: “I see Chicken and you are Nigerian = Nando’s”. As funny as it sounds, it is a reminder to me that Nando’s chicken is awesome. The Extra hot peri-peri sauce constantly drives me to the nearest restaurant. I remember during my undergraduate days, I craved so much for a Nando’s chicken I didn’t know when I found myself in the restaurant ordering a takeaway. That’s how much I love their chicken and partly because they do not undermine their quality and service considering how long they have been running for.

  That’s it – my top reasons for ticking Nando’s amongst my top dining location.

What is your favourite dining location?


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