My Love for Tassels

Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the statement earrings with tassels. Although I love bangle earrings I decided to give these earrings with tassels a try and my favourite of them all is the peach with the beads right here. I like that I can wear this on almost anything either going for a simple look or a traditional look. As you know ladies barely have time to get ready in the morning. Here was I trying to rush out of the house and figure out what to do with my hair as it should have been taken out a while ago. So having a messy hair with little or no foundation, I wondered what I needed to put on to look cool.  That’s when this earring came in handy. Worn over a jumpsuit with an oversized jumper and a flat shoe to complete the look. So with my messy hair my earrings stood out and gave me the cool look I was going for. As I said, these earrings can also be worn over a traditional attire and still rock well.What are you into, statement earrings, studs or something in-between?




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